Secret Date Ideas Dallas for A Unique, Romantic Outing 

Okay, moms, at some point we have to take the leggings off and go out for a night on the town! Drop the kids off at grandma and grandpa’s for the night, get your partner off the couch, put on a cute dress, brush your hair, and check out some of the best secret date ideas in Dallas.

3 Secret Date Ideas in Dallas for Your Next Romantic Night Out

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Barcadia Dallas

You work all day, you pay the bills, and it is all about the “grown-up” stuff all the time. When you visit Barcadia Dallas, a super fun secret date idea in Dallas, you will get to explore your inner child. At Barcadia Dallas, you will find a fun atmosphere that is made just for adults. 

When you walk in you will find music you actually know the words to, a life-size Jenga game, an entire wall of arcade games that only cost a quarter, skeeball machines, a pool table, air hockey, and 24 different beers on tap. 

The best part is, after 7 PM, there are no kids allowed! It is the perfect place to leave all your worries at the door and have fun. Check out Barcadia, a super fun secret date idea in Dallas today! 

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Delta Charlie’s

Going out to dinner is just not that much fun, so why not add an extreme element of taking a flight? At Delta Charlie’s, this secret date idea in Dallas is an experience like no other. When you go to Delta Charlie’s, you will start with a three-course meal. 

You start with a salad of your choice, then a main course where you can choose from filet mignon, linguini, chicken, or tilapia. Then you get to finish it off with a yummy dessert of cheesecake or a chocolate brownie sundae. 

Once you finish your delicious meal, you will take off on a sightseeing tour at night over Dallas. You will fly through the lights and the scenes and see everything from a bird’s eye view. What a fun secret date idea in Dallas!  

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Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery

Do you want to be part of solving a crime? At Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery, this mysterious secret date idea in Dallas will provide an entire night of entertainment. Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery is a 3-hour interactive live-action immersion theater show. 

You will be part of the show during dinner as you assist modern-day homicide detectives in solving a murder right here in Dallas! At this fun secret date idea in Dallas, you will dine, drink, and die laughing! You and your date will have much fun enjoying a delicious dinner and a hilarious show! 

Secret Date Ideas Dallas

There are so many great secret date ideas in Dallas, with relaxing atmospheres and delicious food and drinks. Get dressed up, grab your partner, drop off the kids, and be prepared to have a fantastic night off (you deserve it!) at all of the best secret date ideas in Dallas!

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