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I'm Stacie, nice to meet you! I'm a mom, massage therapist, black belt, crazy dog lady, and lover of coffee. Nature & thunderstorms make me happy. I listen to metal...and Lizzo, married to my BFF, and I have no less than a million hobbies. Eccentric describes me perfectly.

Truth be told, I haven't always loved myself and I've always struggled with my self image. Like most women, I have days (more than I care to admit) where I pick myself apart. This is why boudoir photography is so important to me. Boudoir has truly changed my life for the better and has played a major part in my healing, self-love journey. I can honestly say that I learned to love and accept myself, my body, and all of my flaws thanks to boudoir and working with women.

As a fine art boudoir photographer, I love to celebrate the beauty and strength of women through photography and capture that inner confidence that is so often hidden due to years of negative self-talk. Helping women see themselves as I see them, as their loved ones see them, as they should see themselves...that is my passion and I can’t wait to have you in my studio!

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eccentric \ik-SEN-trik\ adjective. 1 a : deviating from conventional or accepted usage or conduct especially in odd or whimsical ways.

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-Phebe G

I left feeling so confident, empowered, and sexy. The photos came out STUNNING! I am in such awe of how they came out! I can't wait to have another session.

-Amanda H

"Getting a boudoir session is something that every person should experience for themselves. The environment was super empowering and professional. I felt very comfortable and the results were fantastic! Highly recommended!"

"Stacie is beyond amazing! I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with her several times and each session is even better than the previous! I have and will continue to recommend her to any and everyone that I know! She takes boudoir photography and art and turns it into a masterpiece! 10/10 recommend!"

-Ja'Nette A

I'm a momma of three and my weight fluctuates all of the time. I've had a few sessions with Stacie at different times and she blows me away every single time! I would recommend boudoir to any woman. It's such an incredible experience and I 10/10 guarantee you will feel like a million bucks when you leave Stacie's studio. Treat your self ladies! You deserve it! 

-Jessica A

"Stacie is an absolute gem!! Her work is stunning and all along the way she is there to help empower you and truly makes you feel gorgeous! I cannot recommend her enough!"

-Raine R

"I absolutely LOVED working with Stacie!!!! She calmed my nerves and made me feel like I was just hanging out. When I got my photos back I was completely stunned at how MAGNIFICENT she made me look!!! A session with her gave me a huge boost of confidence I needed! I can't wait to go back and see her!!!"

-Crystal S

Stacie is such a wonderful photographer and a wonderful person! She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and beautiful. And her ques and direction helped create the most gorgeous photos! Highly recommend! Can't wait to work with her again.

-Marcie W

"I went to Stacie for photos. She is amazingly perfect. Very good at making you feel comfortable with yourself as well as being in front of the camera."

-Sheena F

"Stacie is the best! I did a boudoir shoot with her and she made it such a fun, comfortable and empowering experience- and the resulting photos are amazing! Thank you Stacie!"

-Sara G

"Thoughtful and responsive to wants and insecurities of her clients . She finds the absolute best and most beautiful perspective in everything she photographs."

-Rita P

"Stacie gave me lots of time and attention, including great posing/coaching throughout the session. It was hard work, but we ended up with BEAUTIFUL boudoir photos. I'd gladly return for another session!"

-Michelle M

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