3 Fun Date Ideas Dallas For A Night Out With Your Partner!

Regardless of where your relationship is, it always helps to spice things up. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for one month or thirty years; scheduling regular nights out is an absolute must. Unfortunately, it can feel stale when you go to your favorite restaurant, grab a drink, and then call it a night. I love fun date ideas in Dallas that will keep you on your toes. You’ll get to reconnect while having a blast. Dallas is full of beautiful gems guaranteed to make the evening memorable. Here are some of my favorites. 

3 Fun Date Ideas in Dallas For Your Next Night Out


Are you the kind of couple that would rather spend the evening playing a game of Mario Kart than dining at a fancy restaurant? Then Cidercade is the place for you! Located right outside of Downtown Dallas, Cidercade is filled from wall to wall with every arcade game you could ever imagine. The bar has a built-in brewery that makes hard seltzers, ciders, and kombuchas. Grab a drink and camp out next to your partner, playing your favorite games. Cidercade doesn’t allow outside beverages, but they’re happy to let you bring your food. Swing by your favorite take-out place on the way in so you can hang out for hours facing each other in a classic game tournament. 

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Bowl and Barrel

Do you feel like you’re on the edge of a split? Let Bowl and Barrel give you the perfect night to bring you back together. Bowl and Barrel isn’t your typical bowling alley. The lanes are gorgeous, the equipment is clean, and the food is spectacular. You don’t have to compromise your stomach to grab a convenient meal. Bowl and Barrel offer robust salads, artisan pizzas, and delicious main entrees. And while the standard bowling alley draft beers are present, Bowl and Barrel feature an impressive drink menu. They offer crafted cocktails, mocktails, and specialty whiskey.

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Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar has been a fantastic spot for couples looking to get loud for over thirty years. This piano bar has been the premiere party spot for decades and remains where you can let yourself go. Belt along to songs as two of the most skilled pianists on this side of Texas play some of your favorite songs. As the night goes on, the musicians let loose, bringing in a wide range of instruments guaranteed to keep you on your feet. The only thing more significant than the personalities is the drinks. Split a schooner or get one of their specialty cocktails. Regardless of your choice, you’re in for a great night you won’t soon forget. 

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Fun Date Ideas Dallas

Scheduling regular date nights is one of my favorite ways to keep the sparks alive. With any of these fun date ideas in Dallas, I’m sure you’ll have a night you’ll laugh about for years to come. 

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